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Africa Travel Tips from Tourists, Travel enthusiasts

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Before my previous post, I have been contemplating on curating a comprehensive list of tourists, and travel enthusiasts from 54 African countries, at least to begin from 10 Travel tips in relation to visiting their host countries.

Unfortunately, days turned to weeks, then months, and could only get four out of the 10 travel sites, bloggers, etc,  I reached out to. Was I discouraged? Lol, well, a little, but on second thought, rather than wait, I have decided to publish the four responses I got, and hopefully continue the search till all the 54 African countries are represented.

Please, in case you know any travel writer, tourists, or enthusiast that is willing to share a tip or more,  towards visiting their country, kindly let them contact me on, or “refer me to DM them”.

Okay, since that has been said, the personalities below are now friends I made during the lockdown, via referrals and emails who are willing to share their travel tips with you and me.

(1) Samuel K. Frimpong. “Ghana is located in West Africa and is one of the most beautiful country ever. Motherland Ghana is known for its peaceful country, friendly people, and awesome environment. We are full of histories, culture, heritage, Safari, beautiful beaches, and colorful African clothes. I will highly recommend:

  1. Nkrumah Memorial Park – This site is one of the highly visited places in Ghana because that’s where our first President of Ghana is buried with its wife and got his museum with so much interesting information about him
  2. Manhyia Palace- This is the kingdom of Asante people. This great palace talks about the rich history, culture, and heritage about the people of Asante and how the famous colorful Kente cloth came from and the Adinkra symbols.

And honestly, I will advise tourists to make their research before coming to Ghana, try our local dishes, mingle with the locals, try using our Trotro (Our Commercial Buses), and spend time at the beaches.”

You can contact him on +23348677700.

Photo credit : Samuel K. Frimpong

Samuel K. Frimpong runs Goldstar Premier Tour, and he is a Ghanaian.

(2a) Adolf Muhumaza

“Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa because of its abundant biodiversity, color, profession, brilliant life, and its serene beauty. The country has got a variety of things to offer in fact, everything you might need in the travel world is most likely to be in Uganda. Uganda has so many beautiful places but with my travel experience, I would recommend: Fort Portal tourism city-it’s one of the tourists’ destinations in the country with magnificent surroundings;Queen Elizabeth National park, with climbing lions, elephants, herds of antelopes, Hippos. You can also connect to Rwenzori National Park, Semliki, Kibale, and get a chance to watch birds, including world’s rare species like a prehistoric shoe bill, and experience Gorillas trekking as well. Also, Fort portal is rich with over 40 crater Lakes with one of the most beautiful lodges on their belts.

A trip to Uganda is a great exploration, and I would advise any tourist in order to have a great time, to arrange their trip

Photo credit: Adolf Muhumaza

Muhumuza Adolph, Author & Entrepreneur, Uganda.

Also, Charlotte Beauvoism from Uganda says

(2b) Charlotte Beauvoisin,

“Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – is a small country with a whole lot to see and do. Who hasn’t heard of Lake Victoria, the River Nile, the Rift Valley, and the Equator? These geological marvels provide stunning scenery and habitats for abundant biodiversity: mountain gorillas, lions, elephants, and half of Africa’s birdlife. For the adventurous, you can hike a volcano, track the chimpanzees or go white water rafting or kayaking on grade 5 rapids. Uganda has five-star luxury lodges, mid-range safari camps, and affordable homestays in the heart of a local family. Ugandans are very hospitable people who love life. (In fact, the United Nations singled out Uganda for its exemplary attitude in welcoming refugees). Uganda has a gorgeous climate and English is widely spoken, making the country very accessible for visitors.

My must-do activity for everyone coming to Uganda is the mind-blowing song and dance performance at the Ndere Cultural Centre in Kampala. It is a magical musical tour of Uganda and Africa.”

photo credit: @Diaryofamuzungu

Charlotte Beauvoisin has been writing Diary of a Muzungu from her home in Uganda since 2008. She describes herself as a Blogger, Trainer, Marketing Manager, and Adventuress. Read her blog “50 reasons why I love Uganda” on Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda and East Africa travel blog.
Facebook @Diaryofamuzungu

Instagram @Diary_of_a_Muzungu

Twitter @CharlieBeau

(3)African Odyzzee aka South African Traveller

“If you are a music lover, do research on South African musical festivals and try to plan your trip around a major festival e.g. Cape Town Jazz Festival…You are guaranteed to have a blast. If you don’t have long a lot of time to South Africa then Cape Town is the best city to visit.

Photo Credit : Instagram

Connect with African Odyzee on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

While I sincerely appreciate these amazing personalities for their contributions,   I really hope you find these travel tips helpful and do enjoy your adventure to any of the countries when all travel restrictions are lifted. Till then, stay safe. ❤️❤️❤️

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Seye is a writer and a journalist, who is intrigued about documenting Africa's arts, destinations and culture.

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