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A Chat with Diusor, “your favorite Ajala”

On a fine afternoon, at the Ikeja City Mall, there, I first met Diusor Odiakosa via Travel Massive Lagos among other coterie in preparation for Travel Massive’s Social Media Week, 2018 and during the rendezvous, I got to know about her “25 States Travel Goals”.

However, in a recent whatsapp chat with Diusor, she speaks about her journey so far, the Ajalastore, and offers some traveling tips for travel enthusiasts once everything as regards travel and tourism returns to normalcy.

Hello Favorite Ajala, How’re you holding up and how is your 25 states project going?

Hello, I am good and the 25 states project is currently on hold due to the pandemic but once the pandemic is over, the journey would continue.

On your blog, you were specific about how Kemi Onabanjo inspired your 25 States traveling before 25, how did you come across this your travel muse( Kemi Onabanjo), and why this travel goal aside other travel goals perhaps?

Kemi Onabanjo is an older friend and we belong to an inner circle together and it was in this inner circle she shared about her journey on visiting 30 countries before turning 30 which she accomplished by 29. I was curious to see the world but I know that at 19 years, having just graduated from university with no job I didn’t have that kind of money. Rather than wait till I had so much money, I decide to start small after all charity begins at home and this birthed my 25 states before 25’s journey.

Journeying in Nigeria can be demanding as regards transportation, how do you fund this project?

Every month, a portion of my income goes into my travel savings, I have a dedicated account for that and also sometimes my job as a tour manager has helped in regards to that.

Your Up North series (a few months back) were top notch. But then, there are news about how challenging, security-wise for tourists to visiting Northern Nigeria, how true, and how then did you managed to make your experience there worthwhile?

Every city has a little bit of insecurity and that of the North has been publicized more, but throughout the 10 days I spent in the North, I never felt unsafe, we simply applied safety precautions which we normally would do in the cities we live in. And we did not keep late nights as it is not advisable to do so in a strange land.

Talking about your experience outside Nigeria, Rwanda precisely, you said it’s “a taboo” to drink milk while standing. I am curious, why is that?

Photo credit: @diusorr

Cows are important in the Rwandan culture as they symbolize prosperity and wealth and it is from these cows that milk is gotten from. Just like Rwandans love Beans they love Milk a lot and have a lot of milk bars where fresh and fermented milk is sold. It is however a taboo to stand while drinking milk in Rwanda.

And how about the Ajalastore?

The Ajala Store is a one-stop store for all your Travel essentials and more! Ranging from Travelling boxes, bags, neck pillows, luggage tags, passport covers, travel themed items like key holders, t-shirts, games nights game, etc with a physical address at 18 Adedoyin street off Ogunnusi road, Ogba, Lagos.

After your 25th state, what’s the next travel goal?

Stay updated on and follow me on this journey to know what is next!.

Any travel tips, advice you would love to give?

Travelling opens your mind, improves your understanding of other people’s cultures and it is super important to travel as you get to learn, relearn and unlearn. So go out there and explore when it is safe too!

Photo Credit: @diusor

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