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Idanre Hills: A Tourist Observation, Tips and Recommendation

One thing not hidden at Idanre Hills is that this Nigeria’s tourist destination is poorly managed.  Aside from the bushy steps, even the resting points on the hill say a lot about the neglected tourist site.

First, I also observed that climbing the hills would be easier and the possibility to tour the hills would be possible if the Nigerian government, even the Ondo State Government would construct a ski-lift to connect the hills.

Also, the chalets on the Hills are not in good condition, which suggested that it has been long tourists must have lodged in them. The strategic location of the building gives voyagers a bird view of Idanre Town, and also an aerial view of the ancient city’s vegetation and other hills on the hill.

Furthermore, I discovered Idanre had earliest discovered the art of wood carving. Inside the ancient palace, there are figurines of clad men and women, of which  I personally the effigies symbolizes the beauty and diversity of the human body.

Besides, I discovered that the tour guides are more interested in what they would get from tourists rather than making them enjoying the beauty of touring this ancient city. Judging from the stories from my guide, he was quick to confide in me that, tourists’ guides in Idanre makes more money from a solo tourist or excursionist than a group. As if it is a must to be paid to accompany one. Even if I believe it is a freewill, no one should definitely be coerced to give an additional fee to any tourist save free will.

However, touring Idanre might be possible in a day or two if the Ondo State government would:

  1. Provide Cable car: Idanre hill is a city to explore that cannot be enjoyed when visited in some certain tie of the year. The rainy season even though it’s the best, makes the rock slippery at some places. The dry season which could have sufficed for the slippery makes you not see the beauty of the vegetation and the streams on the rock. This is why a cable car would definitely be the best to tour some parts of the hills. Some parts of the rock are not toured just because of the high risk in venturing to those places but with a cable car, you can actually tour the hills, get to all its key points and be safe, and relaxed.
  2. Renovate the Tourists’ chalet: The chalets need to be improved. Idanre hills is definitely not a tourist site meant to be explored in a day. The full beauty of the rock can be appreciated if camped. The chalets are not in their good shapes, most probably because of patronage of the site or its lack of use. However, the two buildings are meant to shelter tourists should they decide to camp and explore the wonders of the hills. Therefore, they need to be renovated.

Should the above be considered, the site will generate more revenue for the state government and also, create job opportunities.

Recommendation/ Tips to Climbing Idanre Hills (Idanre Hills- Tips to Climbing the Ancient City)

Have you considering visiting the Idanre Hills, here are a few things I will like to recommend to ensure you have a smooth climb and a swell time.

  1. Carry a bottle of water. A bottle of water is one essential thing you must carry along and you can get this at the reception, the bar in the tourist compound. Trust me, you would really need this. Climbing the steps is so so tiring and at some point and you will need the water to be refreshed. Don’t worry about exhausting the water in your “jar”. The stream on the hill is cleaned to refill your bottle.
  2. Wear lighter clothes: Trust me, you have to do this. In fact, harmless shirts are better worn for the climb, and if it is not armless, light cotton material will suffix.
  3. Wear a boot: You need to have a boot with a solid sole to enjoy your climb. Please do not wear palms, sandals will be okay only if the soles are good for grips.
  4. And please never carry a backpack, except you intend to spend a day or two on the hills, which I strongly recommend. Climbing the hills is itself tiresome, and with a backpack, it is burdensome. I carried my backpack, and I regretted it because I soon grew weary. However, if you happen to bring a backpack, you can drop it at the reception, and the safety is guaranteed.
  5. Never carry a big backpack except you will be spending a night on the hill. If not, do not climb with one because it will become burdensome.
  6. Take pictures. What is a visit to a tourist site if you don’t take some pictures? Please (smiles) take as many pictures with several poses. Sit on a flat hill. Jump on a flat hill. Lie down. Take a lot and a lot of poses. Capture some moments. 
  7. Inscribe your name on the cactus plant. Well, I think most tourists who have been on the hills have a tradition of inscribing their names on the cactus plant very close to the chalets. Meh! There are lots of names on them already. You can keep up the tradition whenever you visit.



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