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Gurara Falls: Nigeria Tourist Destination in its Pristine State

Gurara falls is one of Nigeria’s piece of natural marvel at its pristine state, tucked in a quiet part of the Abuja-Minna expressway, in Gurara Local Government, Niger state.

For the love of nature, a group of friends decided to leave the city of Abuja behind via a private tour bus from the Galadima Junction, along the busy Zuba-Berger Expressway for some undiluted adventure.

At about 10.A.M, they arrived at the waterfall , and a quick note that its plain is a spectacular marvel from an height even as the thunderous water kept pouring from the distance below, filling the atmosphere with its roar.

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Decending through a makeshift staircase, there, they gathered under a tree on the sandy shores downriver to unwind, celebrate the birthday of one of them, play games and enjoy many parts of the waterfall.


Gurara Falls offers the best of nature to any adventure seeker to see smooth blend of rocks ,water and savannah grassland in all grandeousness, all at a minimalist fee of 1000Naira, (28.16900 U.S.D).

It is worth mentioning that Gurara falls is a group of waterfalls that cuts through the river from a great height, with several rapids below, that energizes the water.

The water is light brownish, and the height of the waterfall is up to 10 metres, with several rapids downstream, composed of jagged rocks of different shapes and proportions flowing peacefully onwards to the neighbouring town where fishing and other activities are carried out.

But right at the waterfall venue, there are less human intervention as a result of the location, and distance from the nearest town.

Every weekend, the Gurara waterfalls plays host to different adventure seeking spirits. A quick glance, one could see foreigners from different countries having their fair share of the fun.

The locals are also always hanging around the waterfalls to mingle with visitors and partake in the adventure.

Final Thoughts

The waterfall in itself has shrunk to one-tenth its size at heavy rainy season.

The month of April is at the height of the dry season, providing an authoritative access to most rocks of the waterfall that are deeply submerged during the heavy rainy season.

Besides, climbing the rocks beside the waterfalls- most of which are submerged during the rainy season, provided an exhiliarating experience, which however, must be approached with caution, due to their slippery and uneven shapes.

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Also,exploring the savanna flora, (trees and shrubs) around the waterfall is another adventure worth exploring on their own, especially the hollow tree at the upriver bank.

Are you in Nigeria, looking for a bit of nature in her pristine? Then, visit Gurara waterfalls. It’s worth visiting!

P.S: A big thanks to Olamide Philip , a Nigerian artiste and entrepreneur, based in Abuja, Nigeria.

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