You are currently viewing A Tourist Checklist in Abeokuta,Ogun State Nigeria

A Tourist Checklist in Abeokuta,Ogun State Nigeria

Abeokuta, Ogun State is one of the places in Nigeria, West Africa to see/hear rich cultural heritage and history

The town literally mean ” Under the Rock” is the home of the Egbas.

A visit to Abeokuta is a worthwhile adventure as there are many stop overs for sight seeing- a purchase of the popular adire ; their local food and to meet people as a part of integrating oneself with the rich culture.

This isn’t my first experience on the route for it is one of the places in Nigeria I first visited.

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However, since this experience was very intentional , I have gathered Checklist to help tourists, travellers, excursionists to navigate their tour destinations through the ancient city of Abeokuta and have a maximum planned or unplanned fun as they tour.

Abeokuta’s Checklist

Sight-seeing for me begins whenever I hop into the travel machine- public transport or private, plus I don’t have a car yet. But, which ever way, my eyes are always on the route picking up places, billboards and towns name.

Getting to Abeokuta from Lagos is so easy. For those in the Lagos Mainland, you can get a bus at:

  1. Iyanapaja
  2. Abule Egba ,
  3. Ojota ,
  4. Ketu
  5. Berger.
  6. Oshodi.

P.S: The transport varies from Bus-Stop to Bus-Stop.

P.S.S: The last Bus-Stop is Brewery.

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In my tour to Abeokuta, I gathered that the following are top tourists’ stops:

  1. National Museum Abeokuta
  2. Ancient palace of Alake of Egba
  3. Olumo Rock
  4. Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Liberary
  5. FUNAAB Zoo
  6. June 12 Cultural Center
  7. Adire Market
  8. Ogun River
  9. Oyan River Dam
  10. Omo Forest Reserve
  11. The Centenary Hall, built 1950

People ,Culture

Abeokuta is the home of the Egbas. And at every tourist site, they endlessly sing-sung the history and the family of Ègbás. The people have their history connected to the Rock, Olumo for its protection during the warring times.

And aside seeing some historical sites in the town, having a taste of the following delicacies is integrating oneself into the culture of the people as a tourist.

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The following are the delicacies and soup “combo” I gathered you would definately find in Abeokuta no matter the time you planned your visit.

  1. White amala with gbegiri soup/Ewedu
  2. Black Amala with gbegiri soup/Ewedu
  3. Ofada rice wrapped in leaf

Besides the food, there is the Panseke popcorn sold at the bus stop of Panseke located a few minutes’ drive from the popular Olumo rock.

Egba Olowu, Ègbá Aláké, Egba gbagura, and Egba Ona are the four families in Abeokuta and you cannot tell the tale of the Egbas without the mentioning of Chief Sodeke.

Abeokuta besides other things is famously known for the Yoruba fabric, adire (literally means it was tied and soaked).


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To tour Abeokuta, I suggest you have enough budget for your transport except you are going with your car or in group. This is because of the pricey charge from one distance to another . Being pricey isn’t the issue but the ” don’t dare price attitude of most drivers to commuters ( maybe the ones I met) unlike my trip to Ibadan , where transport is cheaper .

Final thought

Traveling to Abeokuta is exploring the rich culture of the town, intergrate with the people, tour the town, spend time with nature , and eat a local delicacy.

The sights and sounds in Abeokuta is alluring for tourists, excursionists and travel enthusiasts and I personally suggest you climb Olumo rock before you exit the town to behold the beauty of Abeokuta at a glance once more!

Have fun when you visit. Bon Voyage!

Seye Fakinlede

Seye is a writer and a journalist, who is intrigued about documenting Africa's arts, destinations and culture.

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