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Sasé Afrika: 2019 list.

Newyear new goals right? But for me, no endless list of goals but to target things differently, purposely and intentionally, even some old goals.

So this year, I expect to be intentional, and purposeful about:

1. Visiting places and writing about them. And not to sound vague, I will visit, museums, tourist sites, and galleries.

2. Leave every comfort zone. The first lie to traveling is, it’s not going to be comfortable. And for nature/Art lover like me, who says it’s going to be all rosy, and there is a little bit of comfort in being uncomfortable.

3.Intentional about attending tour seminars, symposiums, and shows. This will take a whole lot. Especially in the area of finances most especially in Lagos, Nigeria where transport budget is some salary. But thinking about the networking and platforms it will grant me, it would worth the stress.

3. Read books and be informed about tourism and it’s economic benefits. The truth is, to know more in your sphere, or field, you have to read more. So I will read to be enlightened.

4. Spend time with nature, and people that matter by traveling and I plan to commit my mind, soul, and body into this. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see my travelogue once in a while.

5. And lastly, trust my chi. No plans or intention is possible without the trust in one’s chi. For me, it is “Eledumare”. So whatever you call your chi, trust it. And by the way, a “chi” is a personal god.

So, what are the things you would be intentional about? Don’t be shy to list yours for me to read.

The universe might just be listening, or reading 😍😍😍😍😘!

And A Happy New Year to You.

Seye Fakinlede

Seye is a writer and a journalist, who is intrigued about documenting Africa's arts, destinations and culture.

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  1. patrick

    good stuff .looking forward to visually trip with you.

    1. Seye Fakinlede

      Thanks Patrick!
      It would be nice to be on a trip with you too. Call me anytime. 😍😍

  2. John Promise

    Well… I think I just have to let my mind, eye and brain do the traveling while I stay indoors.

    1. Seye Fakinlede

      Lol… PJ dear, it’s fun getting up to travel na , eyes and brain is like day dreaming.

      So dear, lets be adventurous this year.
      Thanks for stopping by .

  3. Fasasi Olajuwon

    As for me i will go for option 4 this year,trust me i love going on a trip with my love ones.

    1. Seye Fakinlede

      Wow. Option four is cool. I planned doing more too.
      Thanks dear, and I looked forward to go on a trip with you. Smiles .

      1. Fasasi Olajuwon

        Ok Bro

    1. Seye Fakinlede

      Lol 😀😀😀😀. We would do that if the security in the country is tightened. But, I hear it’s a nice place for it connects to other African countries. I really appreciate you stopping by 🤩.

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