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Traveling is fun and rewarding. With it, you get to see the world, tell or write a story, and get to re-shape a misconception about a people, place or culture. Here are Nigerians amazing travel writers, journalists, tourist enthusiasts and culture promoters helping to tell the amazing stories about the country, its people, places and Africa at large.

Isaac and Nneka Moses:

These co-presenters and couple are famously known for their weekly magazine programme, Goje Africa, which tells about Africa and Africans in relation to their music, dance, food, culture and tourism. The programme which was first aired on the 1st of October 1999 to coincide with the Nigeria’s Independence Day (source: Wikipedia) as a cleansing to re-write the history of the Nigerian people. Goje, in Hausa, aside its being a musical instrument also means to cleanse or sweep- which is the symbolic purpose of the programme. The Goje Africa and her team have been to over 32 African countries telling interesting stories and celebrating the culture and the people.

Pelu Awofeso:

Photo Credit: Adedeji Olaleka
Nigeria’s travel writing isn’t complete without the mentioning of the name, Pelu Awofeso. His travel writing began from an idea while he was serving in Jos, Plateau State 1998, to document events in the country, which he observed that most of the works were European and current documentation is waning. Aside telling about the sights and sounds of Nigeria, Pelu writes about the culture, the people and also festivals, both the famous and the not so famous. He is a winner of the CNN/Multichoice African Award in the Tourism Reporting category and has visited about 32 states in Nigeria. Pelu has written four books and has more travel stories on his blog,

Chioma and Oluchi Ogwuegbu :

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The love for traveling must have fueled the passion of these daring sisters who decided not to let gender, fear and the popular Africa’s bad single narrative stop them for touring Africa to changing the continent narratives. Their travel escapades began in Nigeria shortly after they quit their jobs, withdrew their savings and hit the road. Since then, they have toured some neighboring African countries which includes, Ghana, Bukina Faso, Guinea, Gambia, Senegal, Cameroun, Cote d’lviore, Sierra Leone, and Mali, documenting the stories of these different countries on their blog,

Taiwo and Kehinde Oguntoye:

Aside the Ogwuegbu’s sisters are the Oguntoye’s brothers famously known for Twins World Creation. These identical duos are cultural promoters, tourism and festival marketers to projecting Nigeria, and Africa to a wider audience. These twins are trail blazers for being the first twins in Nigeria to co-host a tourism programme, the first twins to represent the world in travel and tourism in the continent. The Oguntoyes’ focus is to celebrate Africa in relation to its largest gathering of twins.

Eyitayo Oyinsan:

Eyitayo Oyinsan is a broadcast journalist telling stories about the culture of people, their events and personality on their weekly magazine programme, Personality, Places and Events. The programme aims to celebrate unique personalities, and broadcast any cultural celebration or event anywhere in the world.

Seye Fakinlede

Seye is a writer and a journalist, who is intrigued about documenting Africa's arts, destinations and culture.

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